Looking for 1x1 bricks

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Looking for 1x1 bricks

Post by Platypus »

Hey folks, I'm looking for 1x1 bricks and lots of them for a mosaic commission. Anyone want to unload 1x1 bricks (not plates)? I need:

Blue 100
Green 70
Yellow 770
Orange 175
Pink or purple 60 (any shade)
black 750
Light Blue 650 (any shade)
Lt Green 650 (any shade)
400 white

I am looking to roughly BL prices, which is a guy in Germany who has all these colours New for ¢2-4 per piece (plus ¢1 for shipping), except black, which seems the most expensive around ¢8. I would also happily buy used for less.
David Gagnon - (AKA Daveed or Platypus)
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