Newbie post - vintage train

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Newbie post - vintage train

Post by Ewodar »

Hi folks - I'm still a newbie but have attended the last two meetings and met some cool people. This post would likely be more appropriate for VLC Trains, but since I'm not officially a member yet I can't access that forum. However, I was encouraged to write about my little vintage train motor, so...

I was telling some of you about the 1968-vintage 4.5v train engine (No. 118) that I was trying to restore to working condition. Thanks to some advice from Who, I did get it working again:
It's whistle-controlled, stopping and starting with a short blast of a Lego-issue whistle - clapping or snapping your fingers, or even tapping on the white microphone block on top of the battery-block/tender, will also work. The microphone sends a signal to the circuit board in the transparent case on top of the motor - they're connected by metal studs underneath. Unlike the later model 138 ( ... "iconly":0}) the whistle control only works going forward, not reverse - the switch on the battery-block needs to be flipped over to go backwards.

A pretty nifty example of old tech that still works. It might be cool to demonstrate at a future public event. There's a more detailed post, complete with video, on BrickTsar's YouTube channel:

Thanks for reading,
Erwin a.k.a. Ewodar
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Re: Newbie post - vintage train

Post by Lil'Bricks! »

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Re: Newbie post - vintage train

Post by Daveblueband »

That was really neat to see - glad you were able to restore it and get it working again!
Dave W. - VLC Membership Director
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