Building from online instructions

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Building from online instructions

Post by chump »

Has anyone transitioned to building from online instructions, instead of the included paper? If yes, then what type of device have you been using? Laptop, desktop, tablet, phone? And why?

I buy instructions off of Rebrickable, so there's not really an alternative, unless I'm going to print 100's of pages in colour. I had been putting off building the Child (an alternative build by Allouryuen of 75255 Yoda) for a long time because I didn't look forward to building off a screen. But starting yesterday, I have to say that it's been pretty smooth and surprisingly enjoying the experience. ... a/#details

And the LEGO app has some pretty nifty features like being able to hover and find out the colour, since sometimes in print it's a little murky. As well, as being able to zoom in, for those of us getting on in age and vision not being what it once was. And I guess for that matter, if you're on a desktop just being able to use a bigger screen to begin with.

Anyways, I'm curious of your thoughts. I'm sure there will be people who will be "PAPER FOREVER!", but please do share the good, the bad, the ugly. Thanks.
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Re: Building from online instructions

Post by derekbrameyer »

I'm colorblind, so I need to check the Lego app out and see if that helps! My usual setup is a paper instruction manual on a musical sheet notes stand.
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Re: Building from online instructions

Post by Lil'Bricks! »

I used the website quite often during the school year. I often brought sets in to the school for the kids to build, but did not want to ruin our instructions, so online was a great alternative. I found most of the instructions were available on the website. We used laptops, i-pads, and even my cell phone to for the online instructions. They all seemed to work well.
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Re: Building from online instructions

Post by Snowy »

I generally only use online for things I find online, or for instructions I don’t already have.
I use an iPad Pro for displaying them.
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Re: Building from online instructions

Post by Kittywithabanjo »

I find i use the paper instructions when I get a set, but for instance when i moved to MIls and was transitioning sets over i grabbed instructions online if I needed to fix something during the process, also its very handy to grab instructions for building techniques when I am working through a problem and see a set with a similar type shape or design.
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