Suggest a favourite LEGO book.

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Suggest a favourite LEGO book.

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Given our love of LEGO, I'm sure more than a few of us have a "couple" of LEGO books. Suggest a favourite of yours, maybe one that might not be as known, just share a book suggestion.


One of mine is the LEGO Build it Book Amazing Vehicles which is essentially the book form of Rebrickable for set 5867 Super Speedster by Nathaniel Kuipers before Rebrickable was a thing. Instructions for 10 vehicles made with this one set. Having built some of his alternate builds from many, many years ago I felt that this was a good way to support him. Only problem is this set was no longer in production. Fortunately, it's a creator set and the pieces were fairly common and I assembled the pieces myself. ... 00F3FBNHQ/

He's such a prolific alternate build creator that he made a second book, with 10 more vehicles. ... 593275137/

Set: 5867


Granted now these instructions can all be found on Rebrickable, and you can find even better looking ones but it's still neat to see the versatility of a single set.
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