White Building Instructions

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White Building Instructions

Post by chump »

I can't say that I've seen this yet for myself, but hey, this is from the LEGO Group.

Some RLFM reviews have noticed that in recent sets, the building instructions have a different look - in short, they're white!

This has lead to some speculation on what is driving this change, which we realize not everyone is happy about. I was able to talk with the packaging team to get clarification as to this change:

“The LEGO Group is on a journey to make its packaging more sustainable by 2025. As we are gradually replacing single-use plastic bags with paper-based bags in our boxes, other in-box materials such as the cover of Building Instructions have also been re-designed for a visually consistent unboxing experience."

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Re: White Building Instructions

Post by Daveblueband »

Interesting if it has that much of an impact - I'm used to designing everything at 50% grey so I'd figure that would be a good visual way of readability while also keeping a low print impact. White might work just as well, but I will say recently I've found the printing of shades in the browns and darker shades in general make it a bit harder to tell sometimes and white actually pronounces that issue typically (which is why we use 50% grey to be as color neutral as possible with luminance skewing). Definitely better than black background for sure.
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