Best Method to Clean LEGO

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Best Method to Clean LEGO

Post by EmilyGeekX »

I asked this question in a private group chat and thought I would post to the general public as well.

What is the best method to clean dirty LEGO (ie been in a smokers house and/or peed on by an animal - I hope it was an animal)?

So far I’ve heard the following:

(A)Dishwasher, no dry cycle.
If dirty, non stickered parts in net bags go in the dishwasher. Try it without soap, just hot water jets. No hot dry cycle

(B)Tub full of water with dish soap.

(C)Soaked in nature’s miracle if it is stinky. Straight. Not diluted. A few hours so you can reuse the solution in small batches. If it isn’t physically dirty, then rinse and air dry.

(D)Use those undergarment mesh bags with the tie strings and soak them in bleach and water solution or vinegar and water solution in buckets in the tub. Stir it around after 30 mins. Soak for a few hrs and then Rinse off with shower head. Dry on a bedsheet with a fan.

Also before doing any of this important to
(1)Check the pile for electrical parts or parts with metal first
(2)Check for parts with stickers you want to keep
(3)Remove old chrome parts to hand clean individually

I would appreciate if you have a preferred method you indicate which one. I’m going to do all 4 and report back on effectiveness.

:) :idea: 8)
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