Survey: Which LEGO minifig colour represents you best?

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Survey: Which LEGO minifig colour represents you best?

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The Women's Brick Initiative is interested in how you see yourself in the colors that are used in LEGO minifigures. We believe it is important that the diversity of the people in the real world be represented in the minifigures of the LEGO world. Please feel free to share this survey with anyone and everyone who might be interested in being a part of this project. This survey is an updated version of a survey conducted in the summer of 2020.

We will be asking some demographic questions to help us understand how experiences differ across diverse groups of AFOLs. The information you provide is anonymous. (You may be required to sign in to your Google account but your personal information is not collected.) Demographic information will only be used to analyze the results and will only be shared in aggregate form.

Please take a few minutes to answer 5 questions. Thank you for participating in this project! ... w/viewform
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Re: Survey: Which LEGO minifig colour represents you best?

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Done! It was a really quick survey.
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