BrickCan 2017 – Fallout Shelter Collaborative Build

UPDATED: For newer info,

Are you planning on attending BrickCan April 20 – 23 2017? This year the VLC is opening up our collaborative build of the Fallout Shelter to all Registered Con Attendees wishing to participate. (sorry, but this is not open to the general public)

Below are the guidelines required so your incredibly creative room can be included in this collaborative display at BrickCan.

Rooms will need to be registered for the following reasons:

  • Best room will be voted on
  • We want to avoid too many of the same room
  • We need to roughly know how many rooms to expect so we can plan accordingly


 – sample of an empty room that meets the basic requirements.

Background: This collaborative build draws its inspiration from the Fallout mini game designed for mobile devices called “Fallout Shelter”. You do not need to play the game to contribute to this build, but it will provide further insight to the nature of it. If you have any questions regarding the standard please contact:

  • Jason: jasonvoni <at> gmail <dot> com
  • Kyler: kylerstorm <at> gmail <dot> com
  • Keith: keithjessica.reed <at> gmail <dot> com

Guidelines to adhere to when building any room. (Rooms that do not conform to the standard may not be included.)

  • All rooms are 16 studs deep. If you choose to make a shallower room, make sure your floor plate and your top can support and be supported by rooms with a depth of 16 studs.
  • Room widths are in 16 stud increments. Minimum 16 studs, Maximum 48 Studs. Therefore room widths are: Small – 16, Medium – 32 and Large – 48. (Exception only for elevators – 8 studs and “dirt filler” – 8 studs)
  • Room height is EXACTLY 10 bricks. This includes the floor plate all the way to the top tiles.
  • The top of the room will have few studs so rooms lock together however they must be easy to remove after the show (Think Modular Buildings). Tiles on the top of your room are required to properly support the weight of the structure.
    1. It would be helpful if rooms that are wider than 16 studs contain additional supports to support rooms above. (See Blue 1×2 plates in samples below, be creative with the supports.)
  • Rooms will have a 1x4x6 door frame on either adjoining wall, 2 studs back from the front.
  • On all four lower corners facing the adjacent rooms 1×2 technic bricks with single hole will be included for securing the structure.
  • Lighting will be installed using IKEA Dioder white light bars, available from IKEA in packs with 4 bars included (MSRP $24.99 CAD). Each bar is around 32 studs long and a single set can light 128 studs of rooms.
    1. Lights will be installed at studs 5 and 6 from the back and a hole 2 plates deep must be left in this location and the third plate level down must be tile so the studs to not obstruct the hole.
    2. If absolutely necessary the hole can be 1 brick deep and studs may be present in a hole that deep.
    3. Play with the lighting in your room. While it will be in a standard location, there are many tricks you can use to alter it. Using a 2×8 technic plate with holes in it creating a “spotlight” effect. Adding colored 1×1 transparent round plates can add a color shading effect.
    4. If you have a set of these lights, please label them and bring them.
  • Ceiling fixtures can be included. You may present your room with a top plate to show where the fixtures belong. The top plate will be removed and the fixtures will be attached to the room above. Be sure they don’t obstruct the lighting.

Outside of these guidelines, get creative, there are no color restrictions. We encourage rooms to either hold as incredibly close to the game as possible or to have a certain level of outlandishness. Remember, the time frame that this falls into is around the year 2150, and the world has ended as we know it!

We will consider having some corner rooms (facing 2 sides). If you’d like to make a corner room please submit a request to the email contacts listed at the top of this sheet.

Happy building fellow Overseer!

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I hope you’ve already got your tickets to BrickCan 2016

I hope that you’ve all got your tickets to BrickCan 2016 because I’ve just been informed that the public exhibition tickets are all sold out now.   We look forward to having you see the wide range of MOCs (My Own Creations) that the VLC, as well as all the convention attendees will be bringing to show.

Just to clarify some confusion that we’re hearing from the general public.  There are two things that are going on here.   The first is an adult fans of LEGO convention which is geared toward the builders, this is a four day event which encompasses the Thursday to Sunday.   The second is the public exhibition which is  on the weekend and is open to the general public and that which most of you have purchased tickets to attend in a two hour pre-chosen time slot.

Unfortunately, due to fire hazard constraints the venue will only allow a certain amount of people into the exhibition hall at a time.   It was decided that a two hour time will allow people to see most of the displays.   The hall will be cleared and then the next group will be brought in.   The event organizers will be doing their best to pre-clear everyone in advance of the announced time slot, so you’re not waiting to get in and getting the most value out of your time slot.  So please come in advance of your time slot, as arriving “on time” will probably cause a bit of delay.

If you don’t have tickets,  they also still looking for volunteers to help out, so please get in touch with the organizers if that is something you would like to do.

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BrickCan 2016 rapidly approaching – April 21st to 24th, 2016

From the BrickCan website:

BrickCan 2016 will be Vancouver’s first ever Adult LEGO Fan Convention. It will also be the largest Public Exhibition of incredible LEGO creations ever held in British Columbia – And it all happens this coming April 21-24, 2016!

BrickCan has been created by AFOLs, for AFOLs.  We have modelled it after our favourite, sister Con – BrickCon – which happens the first weekend in October. Like BrickCon, BrickCAN is a four day event, taking place at the River Rock Casino Resort in Richmond. We anticipate 200+ AFOLs from across North America and around the world. The first two days are AFOLs only, with the final two (weekend) days as display days, and open to the public. We have a very cool theatre-style space, with 10,000 square feet of flat floor display space, and huge overheads. We definitely hope to utilize the unique characteristics of the space, and would love to suspend some cool MOCs way up high.

BrickCan 2016 is rapidly approaching.   Will you be there?  Register today!

Public attendees can purchase their two hour  time slots through Ticketmaster.


Please note:  The VLC are not running BrickCan.  Any questions should be directed to the BrickCan team at



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Thanks for coming out to support Make-A-Wish Foundation BC & Yukon at the Festival of Lights 2016


Thank you so much for your support of the Make A Wish BC & Yukon Canada Foundation at this year’s Festival of Lights 2016 at Van Dusen Gardens.  With over 110,000 of you coming out to see the million points of light, you helped to raise $50,000 to be able to fulfill the wish of a child after a life threatening medical condition.

If you were not able to attend please do check out more photos of our amusement park made out of LEGO bricks.  With 9 moving rides, it’s incredible that in the end, after 31 days, only one was not working.  Many correctly noted that the Scary Go Round did run backwards.  This was intentional, as running forwards made an awful sound and would have probably failed during the run.

In case you didn’t catch all the rides in motion, you’ll find short videos in our Flickr album.

And we know there are many worth charities out there, but please keep the Make A Wish BC & Yukon Canada in mind when selecting where your hard earned dollars go.   Helping to put the smile on a child’s face along with their family is especially rewarding when you know what they’ve gone through to get there.

Please do give generously.  Thank you.


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Vancouver Train Expo 2015 – Nov 7th and 8th, 2015 – PNE Forums

Metro Vancouver’s biggest train show ever!

The show and meet is moving to new home and getting a new look and a new name! This year’s show will be held at the Pacific National Exhibition Forum on the weekend of November 6-8. All the familiar meet activities—operating sessions, layout tours, clinics, banquet—will be part of the weekend, along with a new and expanded train show in the 44,000-square-foot Forum.

This year’s show features:

  • more space for model railways, displays, vendors and manufacturers
  • drive-in, all-weather access to your display location for easy load-in and load-out
  • food concession and social area on the show floor
  • all show activities on the same level for better accessibility
  • ample on-site parking with exhibitor parking adjacent to the Forum
  • easy access from Highway 1 and via public transit
  • exhibitor and vendor access beginning at 3 PM on Friday

The Vancouver LEGO Club is excited once again to be participating as one of the exhibitors.   As always, we’ll be showing our LEGO trains, but bringing it all to life will be all the minifigs in the dioramas around the entire layout.

Photos from last year’s display can be found on our Flickr account.

For more info visit the Vancouver Train Expo website at

Vancouver Train Expo  November 7th and 8th 2015 (Saturday and Sunday)
Pacific National Exhibition’s Forum Building
Saturday November 7th          10 am to 4 pm
Sunday November 8th              10 am to 4 pm

Please note ticket sales are cut-off at 3:30pm both days. All guests must exit the hall at 4pm.

Entrance Fares

Fares may be paid with cash only. An entrance fare entitles an individual to the public display areas of the Trains show. An entrance fare is good only for the day it is purchased.

  • Senior(60+)            $8
  • Adult(16-59)            $10
  • Youth(6-15)            $5
  • Child under 6         free (with an Adult)
  • Family          $25 (Maximum 2 Adults, 3 Youth)
  • NMRA Members         $5


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Thanks for coming to the Surrey Museum!

Thanks so much for coming out to see the display LEGO: A Fraser Valley Odyssey at the Surrey Museum. A lot of hard work went into the display and we’re happy to have you there.

For those that missed out, then check out our Flickr albums. We’ve just uploaded a bunch of galleries and there are more coming over the next few weeks from displays of the past 15 years.

If you’re looking out for LEGO in your future, you’ll want to write in your calendar:

BrickCon in Seattle – Oct 3rd and 4th .
Mt Cheam Train and Hobby in Chilliwack (display by AbbyLUG) – Oct 17th and 18th
Trains 2015 at the PNE – Nov 7th and 8th
Festival of Lights at Van Dusen Gardens – Dec 1st to 31st.
BrickCan at the River Rock in Richmond – April 23rd and 24th

More detailed posts to follow.

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Last weeks to see LEGO: A Fraser Valley Odyssey

We’re in the final stretch of our 900 square foot display at the Surrey Museum in Cloverdale.   If you haven’t been, what are you waiting for?   Okay, so you’re one of those people who have to know more about what you’re going to see?  Well, check out our Flickr album with 100’s of shots from the display from the six distinct eras of the Fraser Valley.   Which time is your favourite?  And can you spot all the famous time travellers?

The exhibit closes on Sept 19th, 2015.


And best of all, admission is free thanks to the Friends of the Surrey Museum, and yes, donations are always appreciated.  For more info:

Jeff of Breaking Dads on his All Sorted podcast did a great review of the display which can be found and heard here.


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White Rock Museum and Archives – 100 Years of Toys – June 6th to Oct 12th, 2015

I did say that we were busy.  This is the third event/display that we were working on.  We provided a different classic toy (recreated in LEGO) for each decade of the past 100 years.    Some are so old that they’re new again.  So come and check out the display!

Whether a yoyo, Slinky, Etch-a-Sketch, or XBox, toys have existed for centuries as an essential part of any child’s life. Play teaches everything from motor skills, to engineering, to everyday tasks. Toys allow us to develop our imaginations and creativity, to explore, discover and learn from the world around us.

Join us from June 6th to October 12th as we celebrate some of the most popular toys of the last 100 years. Follow the evolution of handcrafted wood and ceramic toys to factory produced plastics and computer microprocessing.

The exhibit features toy re-creations from members of the Vancouver Lego Club, historic toys from the Museum’s collection, as well as ten interactive toy stations and balloon sculptures by Korki the Clown, Smile Ambassador of the Semiahmoo Peninsula. Make sure to grab your play passport on your way in and test out all the stations in our gallery for a chance to win a 2015 Easy Bake Oven!


With thanks to our exhibit sponsors and partners: City of White RockPeace Arch News (2015 Print Media Sponsor),  Charlie Don’t Surf Restaurant (2015 Reception Sponsor) and Bricks 4 Kidz – Surrey/Delta. Exhibit artwork provided by: Monica Blachnio.

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Vancouver Mini-Maker Faire June 6th and 7th, 2015

We’re back at Vancouver’s Mini-Maker Faire at the PNE this weekend, June 6th and 7th.  Another opportunity for the Lower Mainland to see what we do with LEGO bricks.

Vancouver_MMF_logos_Wordpress990 If you’ve actually been monitoring the VMMF site, you’ll see that we were going to be bringing Paul Hetherington’s Batman Gotham Theatre.  Unfortunately, there was a mishap in transport and it will not be making it’s appearance here (but will make a show in 2016).  He will instead be bringing Poseidon, which is a huge animated mermaid fantasy delight.

In a similar vein, making it’s Vancouver debut is Keith Reed’s Neverland which brings the world of J.M. Barrie’s Peter Pan fantastic island to LEGO life.

Rounding out the trio will be Jason von Innerebner, great ball contraption (GBC) based on Akiyuki’s Ball Factory design.   Jason is not even a VLC member but we’re happy to have him show this off and cross our fingers that it runs smoothly for a full two days.

So come by and say hi!

Oh yeah… the Makers have asked us to bring some LEGO bricks for you all to play with in their LEGO Lounge.  So kick back and relax and build a creation or five.   Children must attend with a guardian present but hey you love building with LEGO too, right?

You can purchase your tickets to VMMF here.

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LEGO: A Fraser Valley Odyssey opens today at the Surrey Museum

You may have been thinking to yourself, that it’s been a bit quiet around here.   And you would be right, but thing have been hopping backstage with three different displays/events in the next week.

Opening today is LEGO: A Fraser Valley Odyssey at the Surrey Museum (in Cloverdale) and will run till September 16th, 2015.

Admission is sponsored by the friends of the museum which can be read as FREE! but please do support the museum by donation if you enjoy what you see.

Please excuse the Ice Age section of our display, we put a lot of effort into all the other time periods that we didn’t have a lot of time to think this era through.  Frankly, if you think about it there wasn’t a whole lot happening there at the time but we’ll fix that soon.  Check out the rest of the displays and come back in a week or two and recheck the Ice Age then.

Explore the Fraser Valley’s past, present and future in the Surrey Museum’s new ‘LEGO: A Fraser Valley Odyssey’ exhibition. 

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