Registering for access to the VLC forums

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Registering for access to the VLC forums

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Over the last several months our VLC forums have been hammered with spam bots attempting to register as new users. Over the last two months, we've had 5600 registrations, almost 99.9% spam bots which I've had to sift through and delete, so it's quite possible yours got missed and deleted especially if you have an unusual username. We've now taken measures to stem the flow but they always seems to be able to get around it.

When you register, it would help us greatly to send an email to and that'll assure that we process your public forum access in a timely manner.

Please be aware that public forum access does not constitute membership in the VLC and that much more activity happens on the membership side of the forums. You are encouraged to engage and come out to public events to meet us.

As well, once you are approved, even if you just want to lurk, please at least make one post introducing yourself. We will delete non-poster accounts after three months.

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