Olde Yellow Castle Park

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Olde Yellow Castle Park

Post by JamesH »

My idea for a BrickCan build was this: “Combine one of my first ever sets with one of my most recent”.

I remember the Christmas excitement when I received The Yellow Castle (375), it was my first non-“Basic Building” set. This Christmas I was lucky enough to receive ‘People Pack - Outdoor Adventures’ (60202) at the VLC Christmas dirty brickster, which was a different kind of excitement.

Mashed together they create this “Olde Yellow Castle Park”.

I love the idea, but I’m not quite as happy with the execution and photos. A few small things that I like include the tree reflecting in the fountain, the way the lantern piece is part of the lamps, a few of the bushes/trees are ok (but I think there’s too much variety), and some of the small scenes (kite in tree, dog pooping, painter, some diversity (blind guy, wheel chair), etc.)

I think, the Christmas after the Yellow Castle was probably a Classic Space set, maybe that will mash-up with something I get this Christmas (assuming it’s not just a lump of coal)?
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Re: Olde Yellow Castle Park

Post by TroopaDee »

James, the mashup of combining new and old is fantastic!!! Love that idea
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Re: Olde Yellow Castle Park

Post by Andrew »

James,this is a great idea,alot of nice little detailed scenes.I'd like to try it sometime.

Lego trains are just the best!
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Re: Olde Yellow Castle Park

Post by chump »

Wow. Stylistically and scale wise this is a big jump from the previous stuff that you’ve built which I really already enjoyed a lot. This is a whole new level for you. :)
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