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Note: MOC Announcement forum

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I've decided that in the spirit of getting more visibility, if you post your creations in this thread or are bringing it out to the meetings for Tyler and others to photograph it, then I"m going to do my best to get it put on the front page of our website. It won't be stickied as that goes to upcoming events, but hopefully it brings more viewers to your Flickr page and our website.

Of course, if you decide that it's a work in progress and that you're not ready for it to be seen on the front page of our website, then just shoot me a PM or an email.

I will usually only put your first name last initial, unless I see you use your full name publicly else where. Or if you tell me you would prefer to use your full name so that people can find your creations easier.

I know it's been a Tyler love-fest for MOCs lately, but it's also a reminder that hey we're here to have fun with our bricks and let's show the world what we're up to between shows. So post those MOCs!
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