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Welcome to the VLC Public Gaming forum!

Postby TFM » Wed Apr 13, 2011 9:30 am

:!: Welcome to the VLC Public Gaming forum :!:
This forum is dedicated to the discussion of gaming using LEGO elements.

Regardless of whether your a VLC member or not you can join in on the discussions of our Gaming system (or any other gaming system that uses LEGO elements).

VLCWars! Rules (this is the official site for VLCWars! The site is still being updated so it's pretty basic right now) Here is the directory of the VLCWars files: VLCWars Directory
TFM's Brikwars page
OFFICAL BrikWars Site (This is the official game known as Brikwars and not Brick War gaming in general)
The Official BrickQuest Site
TFM's BrickQuest Add-ons My Monster page can be found Here.
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