Basic Brick Lots in Tubs - Peter

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Basic Brick Lots in Tubs - Peter

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Hey guys. I picked up a lot a little while ago with some tubs and was wondering if anyone is interested in the following sets with their respective bins. I'm looking at the Bricklink prices, and they seem to be pretty high for these. All parts are included.

I have 2x of 3759 - 35th Aniversary Tub. One has the stickers on the outside (Including the Toucan Sam advertising sticker) and a catalogue from 2001. The other has the stickers removed. Price would be $60 for the tub with stickers and $50 for the tub without stickers. ... conly%22:0}

I have 1x of 3033 - Basic Bulk Tub. $50. ... conly%22:0}

Also, it had one of those brick vacs. I would be willing to sell the set for $40. ... conly%22:0}

You can PM me if you are interested.

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