Used collection various sets (listed)

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Used collection various sets (listed)

Post by TheRebricker »

I got my hands on a used collection thinking it would be great but now that we are moving I need to let it go. I’ve already filtered out the non LEGO and mostly sorted it, and I will list below the sets that there are instructions for. It seems complete but I can’t confirm it.

The only containers included from the images are the black bin and any ziplock bags.

Asking $150 oh, and there are so many minifigs, if not all of them from each set.
Set: 60044-1

Set: 70807-1

Set: 70806-1

Set: 41093-1

Set: 8024-1

Set: 41037-1

Set: 70804-1

Set: 70801-1

Set: 6832-1

Set: 376-2

Set: 6877-1

Set: 6041-1

Set: 1557-1

Set: 1558-1

Set: 6067-1

Set: 6377-1

Set: 31025-1

Set: 70800-1

Set: 70803-1
- Jason
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Re: Used collection various sets (listed)

Post by D_R_Watson »

Are all the space figures there? I might be interested if they are.
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Re: Used collection various sets (listed)

Post by ssential-bricks »

lego n00b --> supportive lego spouse --> AFOL
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