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Lego Lot Sale

Post by tsylvr »

Hi there,

Large Lego lot for sale, my son's collection that he is no longer playing with. We have sorted the pieces by colour and I have the majority of the boxes in storage. Will add pics of those when I get over to the storage locker.

70221 Chima Phoenix
70100 Chima Ring of Fire
71222 Chima Dimensions Laval Fun Pack
60002 City Fire truck
60055 City Monster Truck
10693 Classic Creative
31045 Creator Ocean Explorer
31067 Creator Modular Poolside Holiday
76010 DC Comics Batman & Penguin Face Off
76025 DC Comics Green Lantern vs Sinestro
76026 DC Comics Gorilla Grodd goes Bananas
76027 DC Comics Black Manta Deep Sea
76034 DC Comics The Batboat Harbour Pursuit
10667 Juniors Construction
70803 Lego Movie Cloud Cuckoo Palace
71212 Lego Movie Dimensions Emmet Fun Pack
30305 Marvel Spider Man
76029 Marvel Iron Man vs Ultron
76030 Marvel Avengers Hydra Showdown
76031 Marvel The Hulk Buster Smash
76036 Marvel Carnages Shield Sky Attack
76038 Marvel Attack on Avengers Tower
21113 Minecraft The Farm
30372 Nexo Knights Robins Fortress
70313 Nexo Knights Lava Smasher
70314 Nexo Knights Chaos Chariot
70315 Nexo Knights Rumble Blade
70316 Nexo Knights Jestros Mobile
70330 Nexo Knights Ultimate Clay
70331 Nexo Knights Ultimate Macy
70332 Nexo Knights Ultimate Aaron
70362 Nexo Knights Battle Suit Clay
70365 Nexo Knights Battle Suit Axl
70589 Ninjago Rock Roader
70591 Ninjago Kryptarium Prison Breakout
70592 Ninjago Salvage MEC
70595 Ninjago Ultra Stealth Raider
70596 Ninjago Samurai X Cave
70599 Ninjago Coles Dragon
70600 Ninjago Ninja Bike Chase
70601 Ninjago Sky Shark
70602 Ninjago Jays Elemental Dragon
70603 Ninjago Raid Zeppelin
70604 Ninjago Tiger Widow Island
70611 Ninjago Water Strider
70615 Ninjago Fire Mech
70621 Ninjago The Vermillion Attack
70623 Ninjago Destinys Shadow
70624 Ninjago Vermillion Invader
70625 Ninjago Samurai VXL
70626 Ninjago Dawn of Iron Doom
70627 Ninjago Dragons Forge
70633 Ninjago Kai Spinjitzu Master
70634 Ninjago Nya Spinjitzu Master
70635 Ninjago Jay Spinjitzu Master
70638 Ninjago Katana V11
70639 Ninjago Street Race of Snake Jaguar
70641 Ninjago Ninja Nightcrawler
70642 Ninjago Killow vs. Samurai X
70643 Ninjago Temple of Ressurection
70647 Ninjago Kai Dragon Master
70651 Ninjago Throne Room Showdown
70652 Ninjago Stormbringer
70653 Ninjago Firstbourne
70655 Ninjago Dragon Pitt
70659 Ninjago Spinjitzu Kai
70674 Ninjago Fire Fang
70675 Ninjago Katana 4x4
70733 Ninjago Blaster Bike
70734 Ninjago Master Wu Dragon
70735 Ninjago Ronin R.E.X.
70737 Ninjago Titan Mech Battle
70738 Ninjago Final Flight of Destinys Bounty
70740 Ninjago Airjitzu Jay Flyer
70741 Ninjago Airjutzu Cole Flyer
70742 Ninjago Aitjitzu Zane Flyer
70743 Ninjago Airjitzu Morro Flyer
70744 Ninjago Airjitzu Wrayth Flyer
70745 Ninjago Anacondrai Crusher
70749 Ninjago Enter the Serpent
70754 Ninjago Electromech
70755 Ninjago Jungle Raider
70756 Ninjago Dojo Showdown
71215 Ninjago Dimensions Jay Fun Pack
70670 Ninjago Legacy Monastery of Spinjitzu
70607 Ninjago Movie Ninjago City Chase
70612 Ninjago Movie Green Ninja Mech Dragon
70617 Ninjago Movie Temple of the Ultimate Weapon
70618 Ninjago Movie Destniy's Bounty
70620 Ninjago Movie Ninjago City
70657 Ninjago Movie Ninjago City Docks
75031 Star Wars TIE Interceptor
75079 Star Wars Shadow Troopers
75089 Star Wars Geonosis Troopers
75092 Star Wars Naboo Starfighter

We have all of the above listed instruction manuals. Open to offers. Pics are on the way. Message me if you have any questions.
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Re: Lego Lot Sale

Post by Lettuce »

Sorted by colour, ouch.
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