Fallout Shelter Standard

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Fallout Shelter Standard

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Background: This collaborative build draws its inspiration from the Fallout mini game designed for mobile devices called “Fallout Shelter”. You do not need to play the game to contribute to this build, but it will provide further insight to the nature of it. If you have any questions regarding the standard please contact:

Guidelines to adhere to when building any room.
◾All rooms are 16 studs deep. If you choose to make a shallower room, make sure your floor plate and your top can support and be supported by rooms with a depth of 16 studs.

◾Room widths are in 16 stud increments. Minimum 16 studs, Maximum 48 Studs. Therefore room widths are: Small – 16, Medium – 32 and Large – 48. (Exception only for elevators – 8 studs and “dirt filler” – 8 studs)
◾Room height is EXACTLY 10 bricks. This includes the floor plate all the way to the top tiles.
1. You can make a double tall room. You will still have to follow the standard room layout as above, to allow for lights to pass through the first level of the room. (doors depending on the theme of room, may or may not be needed for the second level.)
◾The top of the room will have a few studs so rooms lock together however they must be easy to remove after the show (Think Modular Buildings). Tiles on the top of your room are required to properly support the weight of the structure. 1.It would be helpful if rooms that are wider than 16 studs contain additional supports to support rooms above. (See Blue 1×2 plates in samples below, be creative with the supports.)
The Lego Fallout Shelter Standard.

◾Rooms will have a 1x4x6 door frame on either adjoining wall, 2 studs back from the front.
◾On all four lower corners facing the adjacent rooms 1×2 technic bricks with single hole will be included for securing the structure.
◾Lighting will be installed using IKEA Dioder white light bars, available from IKEA in packs with 4 bars included (MSRP $24.99 CAD). Each bar is around 32 studs long and a single set can light 128 studs of rooms. 1.Lights will be installed at studs 5 and 6 from the back and a hole 2 plates deep must be left in this location and the third plate level down must be tile so the studs to not obstruct the hole. Milug has found that thin LED tape light works as well. What ever lights you choose to use make sure that all builders know the dimensions in which to build the lighting slot to.

2.If absolutely necessary the hole can be 1 brick deep and studs may be present in a hole that deep.

3.Play with the lighting in your room. While it will be in a standard location, there are many tricks you can use to alter it. Using a 2×8 technic plate with holes in it creating a “spotlight” effect. Adding colored 1×1 transparent round plates can add a color shading effect.

◾Ceiling fixtures can be included. You may present your room with a top plate to show where the fixtures belong. The top plate will be removed and the fixtures will be attached to the room above. Be sure they don’t obstruct the lighting.

Corner Rooms.

◾ Corner rooms follow all the same building standard as the rooms described above.
1. Corners are outside corners.
2. Door configuration is still two studs in from the front edges. Instead of being adjacent to each other, doors will be off the two edges connected to the back corner of room. See photo below.
3. A front support column will be needed in the front corner.

(photo to come).

Fallout shelter cap

A cap will be need to lock in and finish off your shelter.
◾ Two plates sandwiching one layer of brick. Caps are in 16 stud increments.
◾ Bottom plate should be Dark or light bluish grey. Middle brick is brown and top plate can be any color decided on by the shelter's organizers. Dark Tan works were for waster land, Dark Grey or black for a road.
◾ 1x2 techinc brick w/center hole is placed 2 studs in from front and back on both sides, So caps can lock together.

(photo to come)

Outside of these guidelines, get creative, there are no color restrictions. We encourage rooms to either hold as incredibly close to the game as possible or to have a certain level of outlandishness. Remember, the time frame that this falls into is around the year 2150, and the world has ended as we know it!

Happy building fellow Overseer!
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Re: Fallout Shelter Standard

Post by DawnP »

Are the IKEA light bars supplied, or do we need to acquire our own?
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