New LEGO Volkswagon Beetle!

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New LEGO Volkswagon Beetle!

Post by Bricksky »

One more Lego set I must have in my collection! :shock:

Set 10252


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Re: New LEGO Volkswagon Beetle!

Post by chump »

My aunt had on in a similar colour so this will also be a purchase since we missed out on the previous one.
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Re: New LEGO Volkswagon Beetle!

Post by Kyler »

So far the thing seemingly getting the most varied comments on is the colour.

Some seem to be quite disappointed it's not red (but LEGO made the van red) or yellow.
Others love the colour.

I think LEGO probably picked the best colour possible. A quick Google search seemed to confirm my suspicion that one of the popular colours was a blue like this. I even found an old photo in the colour with a surf board on top.

It's even a great parts pack (if you can bring yourself to dismantle it), with 320 pieces in that (medium azure?) blue, including 26 that haven't come in that colour before!
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Re: New LEGO Volkswagon Beetle!

Post by Hamslice »

It's tiny.

Going to be a great parts pack though.
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Re: New LEGO Volkswagon Beetle!

Post by DeGobbi »

just googled the old lego volkswagon , there is no comparison !! the other one looks like garbage compared this
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