Gateway Theatre debuting The LEGO Movie: The Play

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Gateway Theatre debuting The LEGO Movie: The Play

Post by chump »

The Gateway Theatre in Richmond just released their 2015/2016 season line up.

MEDIA RELEASE – For immediate release April 1, 2015.
Gateway Theatre 2015/16 Season anchored by The Lego Movie: The Play

The Lego Movie: The Play, part of our April 1 season announcement

Having hosted a world premiere and an award-winning holiday musical in its highly successful 2014/15 season, Gateway Theatre aims to thrill audiences in its 2015/16 Season with the world premiere of The Lego Movie: The Play.

Bricksburg construction guy Emmet (Nick Jonas) discovers he is the new Master Builder. Guided by young action heroine WyldStyle (Katy Perry) and the wizened sage Vitruvius (Dermot Mulroney. Or was it Dylan McDermott…), he travels through the kaleidoscope of Lego worlds to save them all from the evil Lord Business (Jovanni Sy).

Utilizing over 20 million pieces of Lego each night, props and “costume” will merge in a never-before-seen way as all the actors will be encased in working Lego suits designed by Robin Sather, Canada’s sole certified Lego professional of which there are only 13 in the world, and by the Handspring Puppet Company responsible for the puppetry of War Horse. To replicate the 3D stop-action effects of the movie, patrons will watch the show using special LegoVision™ glasses (which are also made entirely of Lego).

“This is a way for theatre to connect with a cultural icon dear to families in Richmond and its surrounding areas,” says Jovanni Sy, the Gateway’s Artistic Director. And his contribution doesn’t end with a key acting role as Lord Business. “The play will use 1,500,000 pieces from my personal, well-guarded Lego collection,” added Jovanni, “I swear, my pieces are the cool pieces, like the spaceship pieces and the guns. Not the lame ones like the flowers and rainbows.”

The other departure from the norm is the timing: the play will involve an exciting 10-minute scene which takes the audience from Bricksburg to the Wild West, followed by a 150-minute intermission during which patrons will enjoy the hit song Everything Is Awesome on repeat. Then the audience will take their seats again for the climax in Cloud Cuckoo Land, which will be entirely constructed during the break by all 300+ Gateway Academy students.

Subscription packages are available and single tickets go on sale September 1, 2015. No refunds.
Note to Gateway Academy parents: your children will be needed every night for the entire month of October for this run.

The Lego Movie: The Play
Conceived and created by Jovanni Sy’s 9-year-old nephew, Chauncey
October 1 - 31, 2015. MainStage.
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Re: Gateway Theatre debuting The LEGO Movie: The Play

Post by Hamslice »

club should go as a group to one of the performances.
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Re: Gateway Theatre debuting The LEGO Movie: The Play

Post by Diana »

Sounds exciting, but did I read it right? A 150-minute intermission during which Everything is Awesome will be playing non-stop in the background? Don't know if I could survive that (it'll probably be impossible for me to get rid of that song in my head). :shock:
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Re: Gateway Theatre debuting The LEGO Movie: The Play

Post by LadyKona »

Good ole April 1st...

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Re: Gateway Theatre debuting The LEGO Movie: The Play

Post by Platypus »

LOL, you had me till 20 millions pieces of LEGO. At first I imagined a see of 1x1 rounds on stage, and then I remembered how much stage hands hate confetti!

If a Theatre company were to do this, I think it would sell out in minutes though. A completely absurd spectacle that no one would want to miss.
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