Contact Us

Thanks for your interest in the Vancouver LEGO Club.  If you wish to contact us about anything, please email us at We will make sure your message reaches the appropriate club member to answer your questions or provide any information you require.

If you’re having problems with the forum account or questions about membership, please e-mail membershipdirector@VLC.caPlease note that participation on our Facebook page does not constitute membership.

Media enquiries can be directed to our current VLC publicist at

We do take requests for individual commissions, although we may not be able to accommodate you or you may find that the price is much higher than anticipated.   Commissioned builds are tendered to our members and then any negotiations are made between the two parties involved, not the VLC.

We gladly accept donations of your old LEGO or your children’s LEGO.   You’ll be happy to know that your bricks may be repurposed and live on in our displays which will bring smiles to many more.

Happy Building!

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